Course code MākZPA58
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 16 16 48
E-courses MākZPA58: History of Art I
Course annotation The objective of this course is to improve the level of student's knowledge, skills and attitudes in the field of history of art and theory. Theoretical analysis of art works and acquitance with various problems of art science will supplement previously gained education and will help to define individual attitude.
Tasks: master professional terminology and apply it in critical review writing. Perform creative and original analysis of works of art and gain motivation to continue studies of art.
Results Upon completion of this study course, students will increase:
1) level of academic competence – they will achieve skills to express opinion and independently analyze and evaluate various phenomena of art, using appropriate terminology
2) level of professional competence – they will improve the level of knowledge and understanding in fundamentals of history of art and will get acquainted with contemporary processes of art.
Course plan 1. Art and society, significance and assessment of art - L8; W8

2. Periods of history of art, selection of facts and commentary; terminology - L6; W6

3. The work of art and spectator today - L2; W2
Requirements for obtaining credit points Mandatory requirements: presence in lectures and seminars and completion of practical tasks.
The term will have 8 seminars and 2 individual practical tasks. Seminar tasks (30%); Assessment of two critiques, submitted on due time and according to requirements (practical tasks) (20% x 2); Final examination – written test (30%).
Study programmes Art
Teacher of Art
Teacher of Culturology
Teacher of Art
Teacher of Art in Primary School
Teacher of Art
Teacher of Visual Art