Course code MākZPA55
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 8 48
E-courses MākZPA55: Composition II
Course annotation The aim of the study course is to expand students’ skills of visualisation of ideas, to develop artistic experience, to study the basic principles of composition and design.
The tasks of the course are: to analyse the basic structural elements of composition in visual art and the types of composition; to study artistic means in creating art form; to study the treatment of content and form in composition; to broaden individual repertoire of images in two dimensional art; to develop art expression in two dimensional art.

Results A satisfactory completion of the course would grant a competence of managing different formats (square, rectangle; horizontal or vertical layout), using proportions of black and white areas and rythm as emotional means of expressions; ability to adjust a format and forms, to use optical illusion in accordance with specific graphic task. choosing appropriate artistic and technical means.
Using theoretical knowledge and skillsm, choosing appropriate artistic and technical means students will be able to realize art and design project in professional and innovative way.

Course plan 1. Specifics of visual information perception. L 2
2. Graphic design, its functions. Specifics of visual means of expression choice and usage in graphic design. Lw 2
3. Composition in a square, in a circle. Rectangular composition L 2
4. Contrast by graphic means. Detail arrangement in two-dimensions, the grouping of the same and emphasis. Lw 2
5. Density, spacing in graphical composition. Lw 2
6. Metric, spatial, and temporal scale. Three types of metric scale: interior, exterior and object scale. Applique technique. L 2
7. Transformation and its variations. Lw 2
8. Form division and detalization. Lw 2
9. Establishment of focal point with the help of graphical means. Lw 2
10. Contours, their alteration, new contour establishment and new composition development. Lw 2
11. Density, spacing in graphical composition. Lw 2.
12. Statics- dymanics in a composition. Lw 2
13. Subtle differences, similarity and contrasts for harmonious composition. Lw 2
14. Stilisation of natural forms. L 2
15. Text and image. Lw 2
16. Designing graphic objects. Lw 2

Requirements for obtaining credit points Midterm graded assessment (4 works; assesment after completion of each semester work) - 80%. Exam (show - exhibition of semester works - 20%

Study programmes Art
Teacher of Art in Primary School