Course code MākZP444
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Number of student independent work hours
10 15 400
E-courses MākZP444: Diploma Work
Course annotation The Diploma work encloses both research and creative parts; its aim is to confirm student’s competence to become a Professional in the chosen field of design industry. Student independently explores and analyses the chosen design problem and provides recommendations on the design project in accordance with the conclusions about the realization possibilities.
Results By completing the work student will confirm his/her ability to analyze literature, viewpoints and experience of researchers and professionals and to develop his/her own conception of design project and choice of technological solutions as well as Professional competence and creative, innovative approach of creative and technological tasks.
Student demonstrates the ability to design the diploma work in accordance with scientific style and layout, and good, clear language.
Student demonstrates the ability to present the research work and design Project in focused and reasoned manner, as well as proficiency to answer the questions and argue.
Course plan 1.Requirements for diploma work.
2.Choice of topic, subject, defining the problem.
3.Work with literature and other sources.
4.Choice of research methods.
5.Conception of design project.
6.Discussing the outlines of design project.
7.Design project’s visualisation.
8.Pre-presentation of diploma work.
9.Presentation of diploma work.

Requirements for obtaining credit points Development of diploma work and successful presentation – 100%
Study programmes Art