Course code MākZP112
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 8 48
E-courses MākZP112: Composition V
Course annotation The aim of the course is to explore the concepts of contemporary art. The students will analyse multimedia expressive means, master conceptualization in art as well as art documentation in photo series, will develop conceptual projects and spatial objects. The students will realize art action. The course provides for the discussion of graphic design, book design, graphical symbols. The students will create letter and image compositions, make posters, book design and illustrations, experiment with various techniques and materials of graphic design.

Results On having completed the course the students will have obtained the knowledge of contemporary art concepts, imagery and expressive means; will be able to develop conception and provide for the solution of art action photo-documentation; will be able to apply gained knowledge to create spatial objects and assemblages. Students will master graphic composition; will have developed critical skills to analyse book layout and illustrations; will be able to produce various art and design projects. The course enables students to develop professional competences essential for being a creative artist.

Course plan 1. Compositional solution. Contemporary art concepts. L 2
2. Two-dimensional, three-dimensional and temporal artistic solutions. Pop culture images in “street” art. Stencil art.
Conceptualization of stencil. One colour printing. Multi-colour stencil. Ld 2
3. Environment imagery. Graffiti art. Graffiti styles and used colour schemes. Graffiti technique. Ld 2
4. Pattern composition and expressive means. “Performance” graffiti. Ld 2
5. Art form synthesis. Art action. L 2
6. The reflection of idea in its event documentation. Development of individual action. Ld 2
7. Art object. Object and environment relation. Ld 2
8. Solutions for the planning of spacial composition. Scetches. Object shape development. Ld 2
9. Applied art. Graphic design. L2
10. Transformation of form by dividing and uniting elements of composition. Creation of new forms. Ld 2
11. Graphic signs. Ld 2
12. Two dimensional sign. Variations of shape. Ld 2
13. Book design. L2
14. Layout and illustrations. Ld 2
15. Comic art. Expressive means of comic books. P2
16. Work with ready made images. Photo montage. Collage. P2

Requirements for obtaining credit points Midterm graded assessment (4 works; assesment after completion of each semester work) - 80%. Exam (show - exhibition of semester works) - 20%

Study programmes Art
Teacher of Visual Art