Course code MākZP111
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 6 48
E-courses MākZP111: Composition IV
Course annotation The aim of the course is to develop students' artistic experience, knowledge about environment and skills of planning functional space.
The tasks of the course are: the analyses of the function of space; the study of psychological and aesthetic aspects of special composition; individual project of environmental composition and spatial design.

During the course of learning students will learn and will be able to demonstrate:
1.Knowledge and understanding of:
- functions and aesthetic value of interior design;
- understanding and skills to evaluate quality of learning environment;
- knowledge about environment and skills of planning functional space;
- ability without assistance analyse and evaluate aspects of interior function and form;
- skills to use principles of interior composition in organizing environment, to use them in practice.
2.The ability to analyse, synthesize and assess:
- functions and aesthetic value of interior design;
- to understand interior design as teaching content in subject of Visual art, and put it in syllabus of visual art;
- to define teaching content of environment design in subject of Visual art, to define its aim and teaching process.
3. The ability to use knowledge:
- in organizing teaching process in Visual art with creativity,
- in organizing learning environment;
- in projecting practice of space.
4. Communication skills:
- formulate and describe information about quality of environment design;
- communicate well with those who have different opinions and different experiences.
5. The orientation for further educational skills:
- to move their own education and professional growth;
6. Other skills:
- to create new ideas based on their own theoretical knowledge and experience.

Course plan 1.Introduction. Philosophy of environment, characterization of spaceL2
2.Perception and composition of space L2
3.Form of space, forms in space. Light.L2
4.Colour and spaceLb 6
5.Perception and composition of materials in spaceLb 2
6.Projecting and modelingLb 6
7.Designing of equipment and furniture. Lb 6
8.Practice of designing interior: projecting and modeling Lb 6

Requirements for obtaining credit points
1) 1.independent work 20%: quality of content and attainment,
2) intermediate display of practical works ( participation obligatory )30%: the quality and amount of works,
3) final display/exam 50%: 2. independent work – project of interior and presentation.
Study programmes Teacher of the German Language
Preschool Teacher
Teacher of Physical Education
Teacher of Handicraft and Technologies, Home Economics
Teacher of Culturology
Teacher of Informatics and Programming
Teacher of Primary School Education
Teacher of the English Language
Teacher of Visual Art
Teacher of the Latvian Language and Literature