Course code MākZ4012
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 4 48
E-courses MākZ4012: Drawing VII
Course annotation The aim of the study course is to foster students’ drawing ability. The course has a number of objectives, namely, to render knowledge regarding drawing and its significant role in art; to discuss the variety of drawing as an art process; to investigate the use of drawing in creative expression; to apply drawing when sketching ideas and when communicating conceptions; to try new materials and mixed techniques. Practical drawing takes place both in a drawing room environment and at home

Successful completion of the course insures understanding of different kinds of artistic expression and it is additionally enhanced through drawing practice.

The learning results include academic and professional competences.

Academic competences:

1) improved understanding of drawing materials and application of tools;

2) improved understanding of drawing techniques;

3) acquaintance with different works of art.

Professional competences:

1) students are able to choose and use appopriate drawing materials for their works;

2) students have improved their practical drawing skills by purposefull use of different techniques, new materials;

3) students have improved complex perception of works of art and imagery.




Course plan
1. The sketches of ideas. Drawing the art material. L1, Ld 1

2  The portfolio of sketches. Ld 2

3. The realization of ideas in long-term drawing. Ld 4

4. The selection of format; experiments with techniques. Author technique. L1, Ld 3

5. Imagery in drawing. Ld 4

6. Drawing as an artwork. Search for individual expression.  L1, Ld 3

7. Means of expression in an individual drawing.  L1, Ld 3

8. The realization of form in drawing.  Ld 4

9. Experiments with mixed media. Ld 2

10. The variety of drawing. The selection of motif. Ld 2
Requirements for obtaining credit points
Compulsory attendance of lectures,seminars and practical classes.

Execution of all practical works.

Final mark is composed of attendance ( 25%),

 practical works ( 2 mid-term  painting shows) ( 25%),

and examination of paintings at a painting show ( 50%).
Study programmes Art
Teacher of Visual Art