Course code MākZ4010
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 21 8 96
E-courses MākZ4010: Typographic Design Essentials
Course annotation The aim of the course is to get acquaintance with specifics of typographic design as well as to establish a professional insight of creative and technical tools for these works. The quality of the finished typographic product depends on several bounded links of the "cahin of creation", therefore a special attention will be paid to the integration of previously obtained knowledge and skills to solve specific tasks in typographic design.
Results Completing the course, students will acquire understanding of the nature of the printing industry and the key role of a designer in it. The course allowes to gain key skills for professional printing work as well as gives potential to compete in labour market of advertising, book and periodics printing, architecture, etc.

Course plan 1.Typography nowadays L2
2.Links of "creativity chain" L2
3.Types of paper, their usabilityL2
4.Digital processing of visual material Lw4
5.Picture as source of information L1, Lw1
6.Picture and text L1, Lw3
7.Poster L2, Lw2
8.Thematic poster (practice) Lw4
9.Letters in typographic design L2, Lw2
10.Compositional layout of pageL1,Lw3
11."Face of periodical issueL2
12."Face of periodical issue (practice)Lw4
13.The role of an idea in typographic process (introduction into designing a complex typographic product) L2
14.Methods of achieving genre recognition L2, Lw2
15.Independent project Lw4
16.advertising a design project (practice) Lw4
17.Meaning of style and its interpretations in creative process L2, Lw2
18.Discussions on self-promotion projectsS4
19.Seminars at printhouses S4

Requirements for obtaining credit points 2 interim exibitions (25% each), final exam-exibition (50%)
Study programmes Art