Course code MākZ4009
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 40 4 36 40
E-courses MākZ4009: Plain Air II
Course annotation The aim of the course is to expand on artistic study of nature. It sets its objectives to draw to paint and to photograph in the open air, to analyze the motifs of surrounding environment to study the basic principles of landscape genre and of documentation of reality; to find the essence of image making in the open air; to arrange coloures, lines and textures; to master techniques used in Plain Air; to make sketches and long-term works; to gather materials for compositions; to frame and exhibit created works.
Results Having successfully mastered the course students will gain experience in drawing, painting and photography in Plain Air. Students will know how to solve the motifs of out of workshop environment; will be able to artistically study landscape, its element; to depict architecture, household objects; to document animal figures in motion and people in their environment. The course will provide experience necessary for the work of artist and art educator.
Course plan 1.Drawing in Plain Air. Drawing techniques working in the open air.2 L
2. Study of nature. Landscape. Rendering of multiple planes. Dark and light tone relations, linear perspective.2 Pr
3. Study of forms found in nature. The depiction of trees, bushes, flowers, insects, clouds, etc. Analysis of texture.2 Pr
4. Architecture. Study of architectural details.2 Pr
5. Artistic study of household objects.2 Pr
6. Painting in Plain Air. Painting techniques working in the open air.2 Pr
7. Landscape studies. Countryside and urban landscape. Aerial perspective.6 Pr
8. Painting of flowers. Arrangement of hues, worm and cold colours.4 Pr
9. Short-term sketches of daylight mood in nature.2 Pr
10. Short-term sketches.1 Pr
11. Study of animals. 2 Pr
12. Study of human figure in motion.2 Pr
13. Color sketches for paintings.1 Pr
14. Photography in Plain Air 1 L
15. Motif selection.1 L
16. Human image rendering. Documentary photo.2 Pr
17. Photographic material. (photographic series).2 Pr
18. The analysis of works. 2 Pr
19. The framing of works. Preparing for the exhibition. 1 Pr
20. The framing of works. The exhibition of works.1 Pr

Requirements for obtaining credit points Mid semeste evaluation 50 %. Final exam - exibition- 50%

Study programmes Art