Course code MākZ2022
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 21 11 48
E-courses 2MAK2230: Graphic Software II
Course annotation The aim of the study course is to acquaint students with computer graphics while exploring the program “Abode Photoshop”. The objectives of the course are as specified below, namely to study the interface, windows, pallets of the programme; to examine macro commands; to master the creation of the images and the setting of necessary options of files (documents); to analyse colour models and possibilities of colour adjustment; to master tools; to edit images; to create original computer graphic; to prepare art image for printing and exhibition.
Results Knowledge of the student
1. Explains the use of the program work space and colour models
2. Explains the connection between the size and resolution of the document
3. Explains the method of non-destructive editing and working with layers
4. Explains the action of the tonal and colour correction tools
5. Explains the functioning of selection and masking tools
6. Explains the operation of retouching tools
7. Explains the effect of filters and effects
8. Explains the use of the brush
9. Explains the basics of composition principles
Skills of the student
10. Customizes the program to suit best according to the specific tasks
11. Creates new documents and projects.
12. Makes tonal and colour corrections of an image
13. Manipulates and edits layers
14. Retouches damaged photos
15. Creatively manipulates with photos.
16. Creates and changes the materiality of objects.
17. Creates and modifies landscapes by using brushes.
18. Retouches and place the image in perspective.
Competences of the student
19. Able to choose the most appropriate artistic and technical techniques to implement an idea of the graphic design.
20. Able to understand, reasonably choose and apply stylistic, compositional and colouring solutions of graphic design and corresponding letter fonts.

21. Able to plan the time, materials, technical and software support required for a graphic design project.
Course plan 1. Introduction of raster graphics editor “Abode Photoshop”.L2
2. Browsing and organizing files using "Adobe Bridge". L2
3. Tonal correction of images. L1, P1
4. Color correction of images. L1, P1
5. Working with "Camera RAW". L1, P1
6. Working with separate parts of images. L2
7. Working with layers. P2
8. Retouching of photos. L1, P1
9. Composition of image. L2
10. Creating collage or composite image. L2
11. Working with text. L1, P1
12. Effects and materiality. L1, P1
13. Digital Painting. L2
14. Work in perspective. L1, P1
15. Complex use of raster graphics and vector graphics editors. L2
16. Final show - Viewing and discussing course assignments. Gp2

L - lecture
P - practical work

Requirements for obtaining credit points Intermediate tests:
1. Quiz about basic functionality of Photoshop, tonal and color correction for photos - 10%
2. Practical work (Themes 3, 4, 5, 7, 8) - 25%
3. Retouch of the damaged photo (independent work) - 10%
4. Practical work (Themes 11, 12, 14) - 15%

Final Exam:
5. Presenting and analyzing prints and digital files of independent works - 40%
5.1.Surreal composition
5.2 Visualization of text content
5.3.Digital landscape using brushes
5.4.Self-portrait in vector graphics

Students may only take the final examination if they have all the tests between them.

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