Course code MākZ1026
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 6 96
E-courses 2MAK1220: Drawing I
Course annotation Aim of the course – to provide students with the basic knowledge about drawing and to give opportunities to develop drawing skills.

Tasks – to create ground rules for acquiring an understanding about the methodicalness of academic drawing principles and character framework, comprehending the principles of depicting geometric object’s construction and tone, practical acquisition of various drawing techniques, acquiring the techniques to depict linear perspective and space, short term and long term study work completion.

Results Knowledge
1. Demonstrates an understanding about the meaning of drawing in the process of design.
2. Describes the basic principles of drawing’s structure.
3. Has a good knowledge of graphite drawing’s technical opportunities.

4. Analyses the proportions of drawing’s characters and objects.
5. Using line and tone, in a drawing, depicts a geometrical plaster figure and simple household objects’ form, tone and corporeality.
6. Knows the technique to draw with graphite and white pastel pencil.


7. Plans the drawing’s creation process corresponding to the task, analysing the proportion aspects of drawing’s composition, structure and tone and analyses the possible mistakes without assistance.
Course plan 1. Drawing in the process of design. L 2
2. Graphite drawing. Technical method. Lw 4
3. Academic drawing. Geometrical method. L 2, Lw 4
4. Linear perspective. L 2, Lw 4
5. The structure of cylindrical objects in a drawing. Lw 4
6. Linear and tonal drawing specifics. Chiaroscuro. Lw 4
7. The use of tone for three-dimensional form characterization. Lw 6
8. The use of tone to depict local colour. Lw 6
9. Household item construction drawing. Lw 4
10. The use of tone to depict corporeality. Lw 8
11. Geometrical plaster figure drawing. Lw 6
12. The use of tone to depict corporeality. Lw 4
13. Practical exam (3. midterm exam). Construction and tonal interrelation drawing. Lw 4

L - lecture, Lw - laboratory work
Requirements for obtaining credit points Midterms:
1. Midterm show (finished practical work analysis) – 20%
2. Midterm show (finished practical work analysis) – 20%
3. Practical exam (structure and tonal proportion drawing) – 30%

Final exam

4. Exam-show (presentation of practical works) – 30%

Study programmes Art