Course code MākZ1017
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 19 13 48
E-courses 2MAK1213: Graphic software I
Course annotation The course aims to introduce students to the vector graphics programme Adobe Illustrator. The challenges are to explore the program's workspace, windows and palettes, macro-tasks, learn image creation and file settings, to analyze the colour patterns and possible colour versions, learn the tools to create original works of vector graphics, to prepare them for print and exhibition. Language of the course - Latvian.

Results Knowledge of the student
1. Explains the use of the program work space and color models.
2. Explains the document creation parameters.
3. Explains the creation and transformation of vector graphics objects.
4. Explains the use of raster graphics in Adobe Illustrator.
5. Explains the basics of Typography and work with text tools.
6. Explains how graphic styles, symbols are created and used.
7. Explains the design and use of vector graphics brushes.
8. Explains the functionality of Adobe Illustrator 3D tools.
9. Explains the structuring and preservation of the document.
Skills of the student
10. Customize the program to best suit specific tasks.
11. Creates new documents and projects.
12. Creates images using vector graphics objects.
13. Creates text compositions.
14. Creates images using vector graphics brushes.
15. Creates images using Adobe Illustrator 3d tools.
16. Prepares vector graphics for screen and print.
Competences of the student
17. chooses the most appropriate artistic and technical techniques to implement an idea of the graphic design.
18. understands, reasonably chooses and applies stylistic, compositional and colouring solutions of graphic design and corresponding letter fonts.

19. plans the time, materials, technical and software support required for a graphic design project.
Course plan 1. Introducing Adobe Illustrator. L2
2. Creating a new document and simple forms. L2
3. Transforming objects. L1, P1
4. Object filling and contour properties. L2
5. Creation and editing of complex forms. L1, P1
6. Pen Tool. L1, P1
7. Rich object fillings. L1, P1
8. Use of Raster Graphics in Adobe Illustrator. L1, P1
9. The basics of Typography and Working with Text. L2
10. "Appearance" panel and graphic style creation. L1, P1
11. Symbols. L1, P1
12. Types of vector graphics brushes and their use. P2
13. Options-rich object transformation tools, work with object structures. L1, P1
14. Working with 3D tools. L1, P1
15. Saving and Exporting a Document. L2
16. Final show - Viewing and discussing course assignments. P2

L - lecture
P - practical work

Requirements for obtaining credit points Intermediate tests:
1. Quiz about basic functionality of Illustrator - 10%
2. Practical work (Themes 3, 5, 6, 7, 8) - 25%
3. Practical work (Themes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14) - 25%
Final Exam:
4. Presenting and analyzing prints and digital files of independent works - 40%
4.1. Christmas greeting;
4.2. A copy of the photograph;
4.3. Composition of the text;
4.4. Visualization of an architectural object.

Students may only take the final examination if they have all the tests between them.
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