Course code MākZ1013
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 26 6 48
E-courses 2MAK1209: Basics of architecture I
Course annotation The aim of the study course is to promote students' understanding of the construction of architectural space and principles, rules and conditions for the design of space, as well as to promote students' understanding of the principles of user centered design.
Tasks of the study course: to acquaint with the principles of the construction of buildings, operation of engineering communications in building and requirements of Latvian General Construction Regulations and Construction Law, to analyze their role and importance in decision making in interior design solutions; to provide insight into the standardized requirements and regulations of existing and projected space design in the development of technical documentation of projects, analyzing contemporary examples of Latvian and world architecture.
Results Knowledge
1. Formulates and understands the basic principles of the construction of the building
2. Characterizes the principles of operation of engineering communications
3. Formulates and understands the concepts and use of elements in building structures and engineering communication system
4. Explains the significance and requirements of the Latvian Construction Standards and Construction Law
5. Explains the basic principles of space representation in technical drawings of design
6. Formulates the importance, principles and ways in space measurements of the room
7. Explains the possibilities, role and importance of technical drawings in the implementation of a design project.
8. Analyzes the constructive constitution of the space
9. Critically and responsibly evaluates the capabilities and limitations of the engineering communication system in building
10. Analyzes and uses the requirements of the Latvian Construction Standard and the Construction Law
11. Practically uses the capabilities of technical drawings for display the constructive and engineering objects in space
12. Uses knowledge of space representation in technical drawings by analyzing design projects
13.Evaluates and makes decisions about the possibilities of premises in transformation of space, aware of the impact of carried out activities in the existing environment;

14. Evaluates the importance and role of technical drawings in design process and implementation of a design project
Course plan 1. Basic characteristics of the architectural space, their functional importance and constitution L2,
2. Types of constructive constitution of buildings, materials, principal schemes, and their characteristics L4
3. Types of constructive analysis of buildings and basic principles of evaluation L4 S2
4. Engineering communication systems of building, operating principles - water supply and sewerage L4
5. Engineering communication systems of building, their operating principles - heating and ventilation L4, S2
6. The role and importance of General Construction Regulations and building standards of Latvia in design process L2
7. Basics of engineering graphics, principles of creation and design of technical drawings L4
8. Space measurements of the room, analysis and representation of data obtained L2, S2

L - lecture
S - seminar

Requirements for obtaining credit points Interim tests":
Analysis of various constructive solutions, graphical representation of their design, discussion in student group - 15%
Analysis of the architectural object (nominee of the Latvian Architecture Award), oral presentation 20%
demonstration of independently carried out measurements for group of rooms, oral presentation, discussion in a group of students - 15%

Final Exam:
Technical drawing of space measurements for group of rooms -50%

Students may only take the final examination if all the interim tests have been completed.
Study programmes Art