Course code MākZ1010
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours
2 3 32 28 4
E-courses MākZ1010: Introduction History of Culture of Lithuania
Course annotation This course is aimed at acquainting the students with the facts and processes of Lithuanian history and culture. It is based on contextual characteristics of distinctive phenomena of cultural history, including problems of genesis and development, as well as contemporary situation. The possibility to compare cultural and historical processes of Lithuania and Latvia, and to study reasons and consequences of the differences and similarities in mentality between the two peoples, is brought to the foreground in the course.
Results On successful completion of the course students are able to evaluate Lithuanian culture (religion, folklore, music, art, architecture, theater, etc.).
Students are able to apply the knowledge and competences gained in the following other courses: Latvian folklore, Lithuanian literature, Lithuanian language,etc.
Course plan 1.General description of Lithuanian traditional culture.2L
2.Reflection of the ancient Baltic world view and Christianity in Lithuanian traditional culture.
3.Lithuanian folklore: narratives and short-form folklore.2L
4.Archaic forms of traditional music: sutartines.2L
5.General characteristics of traditional music. Music and the cycle of seasonal celebrations.2L
6.Lithuanian musical instruments and instrumental music.2L
7.Traditional culture of Lithuania Minor.2L
8.Music in the period of Grand Duchy of Lithuania and of the Republic of Both Peoples.2S
9.Religious denominations and ethnic minorities of Lithuania.2L
10.Architectural monuments of Lithuania.2L
11.Cultural monuments of Lithuania.2L
12.Lithuanian painting, sculpture, fine arts4L
13.Lithuanian theatre.2L
14.Lithuanian cinema.2L
15.Cultural institutions (libraries, museums, archives), book publishing and media in Lithuania.2S
Requirements for obtaining credit points Course attendance mandatory. The final mark is obtained by summing up the results of the intermediary tests (a presentation (25%), a research paper (25%) and the final examination (50%).
Study programmes Baltic Philology