Course code LitZ4027
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 14 18 48
E-courses LitZ4027: The Creative Work of Aleksandrs Čaks
Course annotation The aim of the course is to master knowledge in the history of Latvian literature and culture, to improve the abilities in text analyses and to stimulate interest in Latvia`s life between 1st and 2nd World War with the help of an insight in Latvian poets Aleksandrs Čaks life and creative work.
Results 1) developed abilities and knowledge in prose and poetry analyses; 2) widened mental horizon.
Course plan 1.Introduction. Čaks` biography and poetry in the context of literary movements and trends.L4
2.Collections of poetry “Iedomu spoguļi”, “Mana paradīze”. Analyses. S2
3.Čaks` love poetry. L2
4.Test on Čaks` poetry. Discussion about his collection “Debesu dāvana” .S2
5.Čaks in liroepics. L2
6.Discussion about Čaks` collections “Spēlē, spēlmani”, “Matīss kausu bajārs”. S2
7.“Mūžības skartie”.L2
8.A Visit to the War Museum of Latvia.L2
9.Čaks in prose. Discussion and a test.S4
10.Test on Čaks` prose and liroepics.S2
11.Čaks` Riga.L2
12.Čaks as literary criticS2
13.Čaks as playwriterS2
14.Čaks in soviet time.S2
Requirements for obtaining credit points 1) 75% attended lectures and seminars; 2) the evaluation of the course consists of an essay (50%) and an exam - a test on Čaks literary heritage (50%)

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