Course code FolkR000
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Number of student independent work hours
2 3 80
E-courses FolkR000: Fieldwork
Course annotation The course comprises introductory lectures followed by an expedition (field research) and the final seminar in which the folklore material gathered during the expedition is analyzed. During the lectures the methods of field research and various practical research methods are introduced with an emphasis on the advantages dialogue (interview, conversation with a storyteller) can offer. The specifics of photo and video recording in field research, as well as the diverse possibilities offered by audio notation are studied, such as expedition diary documented by hand or computer or an interview recorded by a Dictaphone. Field research (expedition) is done in a group, the interviews are planned and held under the guidance of the lecturer.
Results Within the course framework practical skills in exploring the folklore process (traditional culture) in contemporary urban or rural environment are acquired.
Course plan 1. Performing field research: theory and practice
2. Field research; Transcribing the records
3. Final seminar
Requirements for obtaining credit points Participation in the field research (70%), active participation at the final seminar ; processing (transcribing) of the material gathered during the field research, a report on the results of the field research (30%). The final examination mark is obtained by summing up the results of each of the three components.
Study programmes Baltic Philology