Course code EkonP124
Faculty Faculty of Business, Management and Economics
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 32 32 96
E-courses 2EKOP983: Bank Accounting
Course annotation The aim of this study course is to provide knowledge about principles of bank accounting and banking operations, to teach how to book bank operations, to train to prepare and to analyze financial reports of commercial banks, to understand specific character of banks operations.
Course tasks: to teach understanding of the essence of accounting and to be able to account for main operations in banks accounting; to be able to apply legislation of the Republic of Latvia; to be able to summarize accounting information to prepare bank’s financial reports.

The language of instruction is Latvian.

Course responsible lecturer Ramona Rupeika-Apoga
Results After successfully completing the course the students will obtain:
1. Can show knowledge about the tasks of bank accounting;
2. Can show knowledge about the legal basis regulating bank accounting;
3. Can show knowledge about the components and the principles of composing bank financial reports;
4. Can show knowledge about how to account for different bank transactions;

5. Can apply legislation regulating the work of bank accountants;
6. Can apply Latvian and international financial reporting standards;

7. Can record bank operations’ transactions;
8. Can create the main documents for annual bank financial reports – balance sheet, profit loss statements and cash flow statements.

The level of acquired knowledge, skills and competencies is tested during applied exercises by solving problems, evaluating and discussing real life situations, grading tests and exam answers.
Course plan Item, Thema, Hours planned
1. Introduction. L4
2. Banks’ financial reports and their characterization. L6; P2
3. Accounting of operations (transactions) with Balance Sheet and Profit/Loss Accounts. L2; P2
4. Accounting of operations with customers current and term accounts. L2; P4
5. Accounting of lending operations. L4; P4
6. Accounting of operations with corresponding accounts of the banks. L4;P4
7. Accounting of operations with payment cards. L4; P4
8. Accounting of operations with securities (financial instruments). L2;P4.
9. Accounting of operations with foreign currencies. L4; P4
10. Summarizing Exercise - Creating Consolidated Reports. P4
Total L32,P32.

L - lecture,
P - practical work
Requirements for obtaining credit points Attending lectures is not mandatory,
attendance of seminars and practical sessions – mandatory,
ongoing control - work during semester is evaluated:
Midterm assessment:
1. tests -20%,
2. summary exercise - 30%,
Final assessment:

3. oral exam - 50%.

Study programmes Financial Management
Accounting, Analysis and Audit