Course code EkonP043
Faculty Faculty of Business, Management and Economics
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Number of student independent work hours
10 15 400
E-courses 2EKOP973: Practical Training in Financial Accounting
Course annotation The aim of the practice is to strengthen theoretical knowledge acquired in the training process in financial accounting, so that practical skills can be gained in recording and collecting information on business transactions, as well as to gain a realistic picture of the annual accounts and the establishment of tax reports binding on the company. The tasks to be performed for the achievement of the objective shall be detailed in the by-law of practice; in general case, the main tasks shall be related to the determination of the procedures for the registration of specific inventory objects in the internship and the conformity assessment thereof in relation to the requirements of regulatory enactments. The practice rules are available on the faculty website in the section for Students - Methodological instructions. The practice assessment amounts to 80%, while the practice report estimates 20% of the 10 KP.

The language of the practice is Latvian, unless the practice company uses another EU language and the student has accepted to learn the practice in a foreign language.
Course responsible lecturer Inta Brūna
Results Knowledge:
1. strengthened knowledge of the essential financial accounting requirements;
2) strengthen knowledge in the accounting requirements for balance sheet items and revenue and costs,
3) strengthen knowledge in the requirements for the preparation of the annual report.

4) to evaluate the procedures for the accounting of economic transactions of a real undertaking,
5) to use an accounting computer program of a practice undertaking.


6) practical experience in the accounting and drawing up the financial statement of economic activities
Course plan
A specific practice calendar plan for a student is drawn up in the practice company according to the practice program and the practice company's capabilities.
Requirements for obtaining credit points Students must work out a report of the practical training and defend it in accordance with established rules by the chair of Accounting and Audit. It contains 100% of valuation.
Study programmes Accounting, Analysis and Audit