Course code Ekon4039
Faculty Faculty of Business, Management and Economics
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Number of student independent work hours
12 18 480
E-courses 2EKO4964: Diploma thesis
Course annotation Diploma paper is an independent research work that confirms the use of the knowledge, skills and competences acquired during the studies in researching the problems of the current industry, analyzing and systematizing data and formulating the results of the research.
The aim of the work is to promote students' critical thinking, develop decision-making and problem-solving competences and develop their scientific research skills.

Diploma paper contains theoretical and analytical part. In the theoretical part, the student demonstrates the ability to study and summarize theoretical issues, which are used further in the analytical part of the work in the study and analysis of problems in a specific field. At the end of the study, the results of the research are reflected in the form of conclusions and proposals in the form of theses.
Course responsible lecturer Ramona Rupeika-Apoga
Results After defence the students obtain professional bachelor's degree in accounting, auditing and analysis and 5th level of qualification in economics.

1. Demonstrates knowledge of the subjects of the economic and accounting sub-branch theory;
2. be able to formulate the research goals, tasks and research problems;
3. Manage the topicalities and problem areas of the chosen research topic;

4. Can do an independent scientific research;
5. knows how to choose and use the latest analytical research methods;
6. is able to work with information sources and databases, to use creatively theoretical knowledge in the analysis and solving of practical tasks,
7. is able to prepare the presentation and publicly presents the research, discuss, defend and substantiate the opinion.

8. is able to analyze and evaluate the relevant problems of the industry, its development trends and perspectives
9. is able to apply various methods of economic analysis in decision-making, to prepare proposals for solving various economic problems,

10. Capable of carrying out scientific research in the field of economics and accounting and introducing innovative solutions in day-to-day work.
Course plan 1) the choice of topic;
2) the formulation the purpose and tasks of the paper;
3) drawing up the plan of paper and match with the supervisor;
4) collection sources of information and data in accordance with the prepared plan;
5) research and systematization of the materials obtained according the basic issues of the chosen topic;
6) development of theoretical and analytical part of the research, summarization the obtained results and match with the supervisor;
7) development and completion the final paper;
8) getting and acquainted the reviews and prepare answers on the questions of the reviewer;

9) defense the work.
Requirements for obtaining credit points Diploma paper must be developed according to the chosen topic of economics and successfully defended by the National Examination Commission.

The diploma paper must be developed in accordance with the requirements of research work and the structure of the work: introduction, theoretical part of the work with the review of the scientific literature; characteristic of the research object; the analytical part of the work with the solution of the problem to be investigated; conclusions and suggestions of the work; list of literature and sources used. Modern writing methods and technologies should be used for writing a work and should be written in the correct literary state language.
Study programmes Accounting, Analysis and Audit