Course code Ekon2198
Faculty Faculty of Business, Management and Economics
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Number of student independent work hours
2 3 80
E-courses Ekon2198: Study work in economics
Course annotation Aim of the course work: creatively using the systematic theoretical knowledge, students acquire practical skills in research performance, and give greater depth to explore the possibility of an economic problem, contributing to the formation of students educated economics expert who is able to target the specific literature and wide facts material to efficiently collect, analyze , to justify their conclusions and proposals. The course work, at the student's choice, may be devoted to the in-depth study of a particular branch of the economy or business.
Tasks of the course:
1. to develop skills to plan the course of research work, to conduct literature review, to compile detailed course work content;
2. to carry out empirical research using theoretical methods in practice on the basis of the acquired knowledge;
3. to improve research skills and to improve students' academic writing skills.

Course language - Latvian.

Course responsible lecturer Jānis Priede
Results Knowledge
1. Demonstrates knowledge of selection of various literature and information sources, ability to evaluate information sources reliability, avoid plagiarism.
2. Knows the principles of the course work according to the requirements.
3. Knows the organization and methodology of research work.

4. Collects and analyzes various sources of literature and information according to the chosen topic of the course paper, using terminology and bibliographic references appropriate to the field of science.
5. Choose research methods appropriate to the research problem, organize and carry out research work according to the chosen research topic.
6. Formulate conclusions by describing the results of your research according to the chosen research topic.
7. Formulate and present the research according to the requirements set in the methodological guidelines of the course paper.

8. Is able to identify, compile, analyze various scientific literature, databases and other sources of information.

9. Demonstrates ability to use the acquired knowledge and skills in research work, publicly defending the research results, discussing and arguing his / her opinion.
Course plan During the course work the student's individual work and consultations with the scientific supervisor take place. It includes the following main stages:
1. Identification of problem, formulation of topic, goal, tasks.
2. Identification and research of literature and sources, writing of literature review, analysis of information and data,
3. Writing and writing the introductory and theoretical part.
4. Practical parts - research development.
5. Preparation of conclusions and proposals.

6. Defense of course paper.
Requirements for obtaining credit points Successful defense of the course work. 100%

Course work must have a stand-alone study of a sectors of the economy's ongoing problems, it must display a student orientation in the special literature and other sources, this publication Findings should contain specific, precise presentation of the problems discussed, the results of the study resultant problem, the author's conclusions and proposals. The main criterion for evaluation of the course work is the author's analysis of the quality, accuracy and finding the developed optimization proposal specificity, validity and use of the opportunities that the student's ability to answer questions and defend their work expressed the views and proposals.
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