Course code Ekon2094
Faculty Faculty of Business, Management and Economics, Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 32 32 96
E-courses 2EKO2094-LV: Theory of Accounting 2EKO2094-EN: Theory of Accounting
Course annotation Course provides basic knowledge in accounting. Aim of the course - to give knowledge in the level of understanding and application about elements of accounting system, accounting system of Latvia and in the accountancy organization of enterprise, general principles of accounting for those studying in program of academic education and accountant ethics.

The objectives of the study course are:
1. to acquire theoretical knowledge about of entrepreneurial assets and their source classification linkage with accounting balance, accounts, and double record, documentation, inventory, and business assets and their source evaluation methods.
2. at the level of practical skills, to record the accounting of basic business transactions and preparation the balance sheet at the end of the reporting period.

The language of instruction is Latvian.
Course responsible lecturer Ramona Rupeika-Apoga
Results Through the successful acquisition of the study course, the students will be able to show:
1. The students have understanding about essence and peculiarities of accounting system;
2. The students have understanding about accounting sistem`s regularities;
3. The students have knowledge about most important accounting methods and their application;

4. The students are able to identify assets and liabilities;
5. The students have the skills to identify business transactions and changes in the assets and liabilities;
6. The students are able to record accounting basic information, allocating pre-document, in the accounts by double entry system.

7. The students are able to solve simple practical tasks in the field of accounting independently;

8. The students are able to prepare a simplified balance sheet independently.
Course plan 1. Accounting, the essence of accounting and tasks. L2, S5
2. Objects of accounting, their composition. L2, S1
3. Accounting balance sheet and business transaction record reflection methods. L4, S10
4. Accounts and double entry. L6, S8
5. Accounting objects valuation. L6, S4
6. Documentation and inventory. L6
7. General principles of accounting. L2
8. Accounting statements. L4, S4

L - lecture,
S - seminar
Requirements for obtaining credit points The attendance of the lectures: compulsory at least 50% for 1st and 2nd semester Bachelor study program students.
The attendance of the seminars: compulsory + compulsory 2 tests.
Interim assessment:
1. 1st test - Theory questions and task: 1. topic "Accounting, the essence of accounting and tasks", 2. topic "Objects of accounting, their composition", 3. topic "Accounting balance sheet and business transaction record reflection methods".
2. 2nd test - Task: 4.topic "Accounts and double entry", 5.topic "Accounting objects valuation".
Final assessment:
3. exam (written): theory test and business transaction records.

Total assessment of the course: up to the exam pass 2 tests (50%) and a successfully to pass the exam (50%).
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International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy
International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy
Accounting, Analysis and Audit
International Economic Relations
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