Course code Antr1024
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 64 96
E-courses Antr1024: Etnography of Asia I
Course annotation
The course deals with the Asian Ethnography which studies the way people understand their surroundings, as well as the actions and utterances of the other members of their society. Students are introduced into studies of symbols and the processes, such as myth and ritual, by which humans assign meanings to these symbols to address fundamental questions about human social life.
By the end of the course students will be able to
•Make a distinction between the two major approaches of the symbolic anthropology. (One is associated with Clifford Geertz and the University of Chicago and the other with Victor W. Turner at Cornell, and David Schneider who was also a major figure in the development of symbolic anthropology.
•participate in seminars, know scholarly expressions, to understand the main approaches and interpretations;
Course plan
1.Basic Premises2L
2.Basic Premises2L
3.Points of Reaction2L
4.Points of Reaction2L
5.Leading Figures: Clifford Geertz2L
6.Leading Figures: Clifford Geertz2L
7.Leading Figures: Victor Witter Turner2L
8.Leading Figures: Victor Witter Turner2L
9.Leading Figures: David Schneider2L
10.Leading Figures: David Schneider2L
11.Leading Figures: Mary Douglas2L
12.Leading Figures: Mary Douglas2L
13.Principal Concepts: Thick Description2L
14.Principal Concepts: Hermeneutics2L
15.Principal Concepts: Social Drama2L
16.MENA Symbols and interpretation2L
17.MENA Symbols and interpretation2L
18.SA Symbols and interpretation2L
19.SA Symbols and interpretation2L
20.SEA Symbols and interpretation2L
21.SEA Symbols and interpretation2L
22.EA Symbols and interpretation2L
23.EA Symbols and interpretation2L
24.Japanese Symbols and interpretation2L
25.Japanese Symbols and interpretation2L
26.Methodologies: cross-cultural comparison2L
27.Methodologies: cross-cultural comparison2L
28.Methodologies: literary-based approach2L
29.Methodologies: literary-based approach2L
30.Methodologies: utilized literature2L
31.Methodologies: utilized literature2L
32.Detailed questions Review 2L
Requirements for obtaining credit points
•Mid-term exam:
three tests throughout the course 45%
presentation at the seminar 25%
•Final examination
Exam (written & oral) 30%

Study programmes Asian Studies
Cultural and Social Anthropology