Recent projects


The laboratory during last years is employed for realization of the following projects:


Application of natural associations of microorganisms for the acquisition of polyfunctional synbiotic drinks of mass consumption and their concentrates” (2009-2013) ERAF project No 2010/0322/2DP/ (Latvia University of Agriculture, Faculty of Food Technology)

Within the project the dry starter cultures of the natural associations of microorganisms will be acquired which in their turn will be used for the acquisition of the polyfunctional symbiotic fermented drinks. By testing various substrates several recipes of fermented drinks will be created and the fermentation conditions will be optimized. Afterwards the technology will be designed for the acquisition of the concentrates of the fermented drinks. To provide for the non-waste technological cycle the ways will be found for using the microorganism biomass synthesized in the process fermentation: the recipes of food supplements and fodder additives will be designed.

ESF activity “Attraction of Human Resources to Science",  Project „Establishment of food sector scientific research group”

„Concentrates of physiologically active substances obtaining, investigation and use from functional  foods” (VPP Nr. 9) (2006-2009)

„Biotechnology for obtain concentrates of biologically active substances from non-traditional raw materials and use its; new aspects of bioethanol obtaining”. Latvian Council of Science,(2006-2009).

„Alternatīvie cianīdrezistences mehānismi baktērijās”. Latvian Council of Science, (2006-2008)

„Control of the intracellular precursor availability and amino acid (valine and lysine) overproduction in genetically modified Corynebacterium glutamicum strains”. Latvian Council of Science,  (2006-2008).

„Fructans for upkeep of homeostasis and metabolism standard: structure-function and use studies”.Latvian Council of Science,(2006-2008)

„Monitoring of  biotechnological processes by the  main biochemical component changes  in biomass and  extracellular products under different fermentation conditions”. Latvian Council of Science,(2006-2008).

„Construction of Corynebacterium strains producing either L-valine or D-pantothenic acid- a rational approach using genome research”. Latvian Council of Science, (2006-2008).