University of Latvia

Students of Finno-Ugric Studies of the University of Latvia (UL) are proud to announce that in May 2020, the 36th International Finno-Ugric Students' Conference (IFUSCO) will take place in Riga.

IFUSCO was first organized in 1984 in Göttingen, Germany, to promote contacts among Finno-Ugric students. 26 students from the Netherlands and Germany participated. Currently, the conference is held every year in a different city (and preferably in a different country) and is hosted by students from different universities. The conference has been organized in cities like Helsinki, Budapest, Munich and many others.

The 2018 conference at the University of Tartu represented 12 countries with more than 170 students. But in 2019 the University of Vienna hosted the IFUSCO where University of Latvia representatives for the first time in 35 years were granted the honour of hosting the conference in Riga, Latvia.

IFUSCO is an annual conference organised by students for students. This year it will take place from 5 to 9 May in Riga, UL premises. During the conference week, Riga will be home to about 170 Uralic and Finno-Ugric students and promising researchers from around the world. The UL students are proud of the fact that during this conference special attention will be paid to the Latvian indigenous people – the Livonians, their language, culture and traditions.

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