Three students from Latvia will participate in EU - Canada Study Tour 2012

It is the third year when students from the University of Latvia take part in the one month long “Thinking Canada” study tour to Brussels and Canada organised by European Network for Canadian Studies and funded generously by the European Commission.

This year there are three students from the University of Latvia participating in the study tour as part of the group of total 32 students representing various European countries and academic backgrounds. Two of these students – Javier Mendoza Jimenez (representing the Kingdom of Spain in the tour) and Aleksandrs Dahs come from the European Studies Master's Programme, while Vladimirs Rojenko is currently studying in Strategic Management and Leadership Masters programme at the Faculty of Economics and Management.

Aim of the “Thinking Canada” programme is to promote interest in Canadian studies in Europe and to develop a new generation of educated individuals who are interested in Canada and its relations with EU. The tour starts in Brussels, where participants will have a chance to take part in numerous briefings with the EU officials and experts on EU-Canada relations. During their travels across Canada, the European students will have the opportunity to meet with the representatives of the Canadian federal government, three provincial governments (Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia) as well as organizations representing community, academic and private sectors of civil society.

By the request of the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages (OCOL) of the Government of Canada students representing Latvia – Aleksandrs Dahs and Vladimirs Rojenko will prepare some notes on the language situation in Latvia, which one of them will later present and discuss at the open meeting with OCOL staff in Ottawa.

Prepared by Aleksandrs Dahs