Unique business support network www.eubizz.net has been launched online for the entrepreneurs

On March 23rd, 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland the European Business Support Network www.eubizz.net was launched which aims to strengthen the efforts of Baltic Sea Region and North Sea Region businesses entering European markets. Latvian University also participates in the launching process of the European Business Support Network for the economic development of the Baltic Sea and North Sea regions.

The launch of the European Business Support Network was part of the conference “Sustainable Energy: Challenges and opportunities for the supply chain”, that was organized by the Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. Napier University, as the University of Latvia, is one of the network partners collaborating on the new service platform with twenty-eight partner organizations throughout Baltic Sea and North Sea Regions. The project aims to improve the competitive advantage of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in their efforts to enter new European markets and engage in tenders, as well as to strengthen SMEs to enhance innovation. It has also proven difficult for large and established companies to explore new innovative tracks, without knowing the potential of suppliers.

It is exactly this challenge that the European Business Support Network intends to confront: by providing services that help SMEs to improve their market position and visibility to larger companies. Moreover, the network helps businesses to develop the skills and competencies they need to engage in tendering procedures in the European supply market. These services include B2B matchmaking, tender support, brokerage events, self assessment and tailored training, e-learning, etc. The services are offered offline as well as online.

In the European Business Support Network everyone can get information about the co-operation opportunities for study and research projects, as well as the co-operation opportunities with the departments of the University of Latvia (UL) such as the Centre for European and Transition Studies, Innovation Centre, etc.

The Network results from cooperation between two European Interreg projects – “North Sea Supply Connect” and “Baltic Supply”. The University of Latvia has actively participated in the project “Baltic Supply" since the end of 2009 in cooperation with the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Ventspils High Technology Park. The implementation of the project is supported by the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia whose representative takes part in the Council of High Officials developed by the project.

European Business Support Network is available online to anyone interested: http://www.eubizz.net.