Admission to residency in medicine

The documents to be submitted when applying for studies in residency:

1. A completed standard form;

2. A copy of the personal identification document, in which the name, surname and personal identity number are clearly legible (the original must also be presented);

3. A copy of the previous education document and its annex, attesting to the doctor's degree (the original must also be presented).

4. Letter of motivation;

5. CV;

6. Internist certificate or a written confirmation from the higher education institution about the acquisition of and graduation from the internship programme in 2018 (until 30.09.2018), when applying for the following specialty programmes: allergology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectology, cardiology, nephrology, pneumonology, rheumatology);

***** applies only to those applicants who have already completed residency internship programmes in medicine

7. A certificate of paediatrician or a written confirmation from the higher education institution about the acquisition of and graduation from the paediatric programme in 2018 (until 30.09.2018), when applying for the neonatology programme;

8. A certificate of internist, dermatologist, general practitioner, otolaryngologist, paediatrician or pneumologist, or a written confirmation of the higher education institution about the acquisition of and graduation from the aforementioned programmes in 2018 (until 30.09.2018), when applying for the program in allergology;

9. Any basic specialty certificate to apply for a programme of osteopathy;

10. 1 (one) recommendation, indicating the specialty chosen by the applicant, issued a person with medical competency (head of a medical treatment institution, doctor, representative of university teaching staff, etc.), professional organizations or department chairs at higher educational institutions, groups of lecturers (if available);

11. If available, copies of certificates and other documents certifying continuing of medical education in the field of medicine (the original must also be presented) obtained during the last three years;

12. Documents certifying scientific research activities in the field of medicine (3 in total, based on the choice of the applicant):

• 12.1. If available, the list of scientific (research) publications in the field of medicine (indicating the exact title of the publication, author's name, co-author(s), title of the periodical, issue date, number of pages);

• 12.2. If available, other documents certifying scientific (research) activities in the field of medicine: research activities, participation in students' scientific groups, professional associations, etc.;

13. Agreement (intention agreement) with the local government and / or state or local government medical institution outside Riga attesting to the commencement of work in the relevant medical institution outside Riga after the graduation of residency (if available);

Entrance examinations (interviews) in residency studies are organized by the approved University of Latvia (LU) Admission board for residency studies.

When registering for studies, the applicant must sign the study agreement with the UL.

• Application Form

• Registration form

Office hours: 10:00–13:00; 14:00–16:00. Contacts

Registration fee is paid at Raiņa bulv. 19, room 125 (Student Services) or by transfer through Internet Bank. Payment document (receipt/bank transfer document printout) must be presented when applying for studies.

Pieteikšanās rezidentūrā:

Vienoto uzņemšanu rezidentūrā administrē RSU:

Reģistrācijas maksa reģistrējoties elektroniski – 15 EUR.

Reģistrācijas maksa tiek izmantota uzņemšanas procesa nodrošināšanai. Reģistrācijas maksa netiek atmaksāta.

Rekvizīti reģistrācijas maksas maksāšanai rezidentūrā:

Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte
Reģ. Nr. LV90000013771
Banka: Swedbank
konta nr.: LV02HABA0551000376050

Maksājot reģistrācijas maksu, jānorāda vārds, uzvārds un "Reflektanta nodeva studijām rezidentūrā".

Studiju līgumu slēgšana  ar Latvijas Universitāti par valsts budžeta finansētām studijām rezidentūrā  no 20.08.2020. līdz 21.08.2020. Aspazijas bulvārī 5 – 224. telpā. (ieeja caur iekšpagalmu).

Darba laiks līgumu slēgšanai: 8.00 – 17.00

Lai reģistrētu un sagatavotu studiju līgumu, reflektantam nepieciešams uzrādīt personu apliecinošu dokumentu (pasi  vai ID karti).

Līgumu slēgšana ar ārstniecības iestādi pēc parakstītā studiju līguma saņemšanas. Ārstniecības iestādes izvēle tiks saskaņota slēdzot studiju līgumu.

Informatīvais tālrunis: 67034853; 67034852.