• Applications are submitted in Riga, Raiņa bulvāris 19, room 114. See the dates and times for submitting the application in the calendar of admissions when it is announced.
  • When submitting an application, you must have documents with you


  • A completed standard application form
  • A copy of the personal identification document (the original must also be presented) in which the name, surname and personal identity code is indicated
  • A copy of the previous education document and its annex (the originals must also be presented)
  • CV, including a description of the published work and other scientific activities
  • Recommendation for doctoral studies (if available)
  • Application for the theme of the doctoral thesis in standard form
  • The justification and initial proposal of the theme intended for doctoral thesis prepared together with a possible scientific supervisor and signed by the prospective student and supervisor; Substantiation of the topic of thesis and the initial proposal of the theme for the Doctoral study program in Law
  • A copy of the Academic Information Centre’s certificate on the academic recognition of the educational document in Latvia (the original must also be presented), if the previous education has been obtained abroad
  • Receipt for registration fee payment (EUR 30, -), available at Raiņa bulv. 19, room 125)
  • Sample Curriculum Vitae
  • When submitting the application, the registration fee must be paid
  • Entrance interviews are held at the faculties. At the interview, a passport or identity card must be presented.

The results are announced at the faculties. The dates and times, when the results are made available, can be found in admissions calendar.

  • Registration for studies takes place at the Study Department, Raiņa bulvāris 19, room 114. Registration dates and times can be found in admissions calendar.
  • When registering for studies, you must sign a study agreement.
  • Upon entry into the fee-based studies, the tuition fee for the autumn semester (a half of the annual fee) must be paid in full until the officially indicated date in July. The tuition fee is refunded, if the student receives a study loan. Bank details for transferring tuition fees
  • For purposes of the student ID, you must have your photograph taken at the University of Latvia. The photograph can be taken at the time of application (it is also possible to do that later), in Raiņa bulvāris 19, room 125.
  • After registration, it is possible to submit the application for student loan at Raiņa bulvāris 19, room 108.
  • After the registration, an individual work plan for the first year of study must be submitted. Individual work plan
  • Within two weeks after signing the study agreement, a written agreement with the University of Latvia must be signed about the organization and scientific supervision of the doctoral thesis.
  • Studies begin in October.
Nr.p.k. Doktora studiju programma

Budžeta vietu skaits

Studiju vietu skaits par personīgo finansējumu
1. Bioloģija 10 2
2. Datorzinātnes 8 2
3./1 Ekonomika un uzņēmējdarbība (Ekonomika un vadība) 6 10
3./2 Ekonomika un uzņēmējdarbība (Izglītības vadība) 2 7
4. Filozofija 2 2
5. Fizika, astronomija un mehānika 12 3
6. Ģeogrāfija 3 2
7. Ģeoloģija 2 1
8. Izglītības zinātnes 12 8
9. Komunikācijas zinātne 2 2
10. Ķīmija 7 5
11. Literatūrzinātne, folkloristika un māksla 8 2
12. Matemātika 4 0
13. Medicīna un farmācija 7 10
14. Politikas zinātne 1 5
15. Psiholoģija 3 10
16. Socioloģija 1 2
17. Teoloģija un reliģiju zinātne 2 5
18. Tiesību zinātne 5 15
19. Valodniecība 3 3
20. Vēsture 1 5
21. Vides zinātne 3 1