Latvian language (Upper Intermediate) – 4 credits; course code Valo2475

The Language course is designed for students who study Latvian at UL and have completed Lower Intermediate (B1) course.
Objectives of the course include improving speaking and writing skills as well as giving a deeper insight into grammar issues. Through diverse methodological approaches, the study course envisages to extend knowledge in stylistic peculiarities of Latvian, language usage in certain study fields, fiction and mass media. The course has been developed in accordance with the set European Framework of Language (level B2).

According to B2 level specification students must acquire Latvian language skills in order to understand information or issues concerning social life; studies and work. Learners are able to communicate freely, form adequate texts in standard situations. They understand the most important information given on TV and radio and comprehend the main idea of a literary style. Language learners are skilled enough to prevent language mistakes leading to miscomprehensions and are aware of communication compensating strategies.