The department ensures the management of the University of Latvia buildings, maintenance and cleaning of premises and territories, performs construction work and regular repairs, maintains engineering networks, the security of buildings and fire safety, compliance with maintenance and operation standards. The department maintains and updates the legal and technical documentation of buildings and properties, elaborates and implements the UL real estate portfolio development plan, within its competence conducts price surveys, prepares procurement specifications. The department effects the lease of auditoriums and other premises (halls) of the UL for holding events and seminars, draws up price lists and calculations, concludes agreements for the lease and rental of premises, safeguards the fulfilment of commitments and ensures debt collection. The department maintains the UL vehicles, provides transport services to the University of Latvia structural units in accordance with the procedures and prices approved by the UL. The department oversees the services of university residence halls as well as guest accommodation. The department is responsible for recording of the UL material assets, organizing their movement and inventory.


Marģers Počs