The department manages and coordinates research at the UL, implementing strategic planning and improving the result management system for development of research.[A1] 

The department consists of Science and Project Divisions.

The Science Division implements strategic planning and result management system for development of research at the UL, facilitates involvement of the UL students in research and preparation of publications, collects and analyses information about the international recognition and importance of the research papers published by the UL personnel.

The Science Division organizes the annual UL scientific conference and supports the organization of other scientific conferences. The division cooperates with sectoral science councils to coordinate scientific publishing policy, including collaboration with international citation databases.

Project Division Informs the UL staff about the opportunities to apply for national and international research project competitions, provides practical and methodical assistance in preparing project applications and implementing project administration, registers project applications and carries out pre-selection according to the UL priority research directions, plans project co-financing, pre-financing, administrative expenses and indirect costs, as well as ensures the follow-up of projects.



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