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Computational Systems Medicine Lab (CSML)
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Head - Egils Stalidzans

Phone: +371 29575510 Egils Stalidzans Agris Pentjuss Martins Mednis Ivars Mozga Jurijs Meitalovs



Scientific interests

-         stoichiometric and kinetic modeling and optimisation of metabolism,

-         metabolic reconstructions,

-         modeling of signaling networks,

-         modeling of microbial communities,

-         software development.


2015 – 2018, Systems biology platform for the creation of lean-proteome Esherichia coli strains (LEANPROT), (EraSysApp 2nd call). SILICON platform development (combined genome scale modelling and Single Cell model platform).

2015 – 2018, Control of Engineered Metabolism by Flowering and Temperature Triggered Plant Regulatory Networks (SMARTPLANTS), , (EraSynBio 2nd call). Development of Arabidopsis thaliana stoichiometric genome scale model and isorpenoid pathway kinetic model.

2013-2016 Metabolic engineering of Zymomonas mobilis respiratory chain (536/2012), funded by Latvian Council of Science

2013-2015 ERA–net project on systems biology (
2012-2014 ERA–net project on synthetic biology (

2009 – 2012 European Social Fund project “Establishment of Latvian interdisciplinary interuniversity scientific group of systems biology” within activity „Attraction of Human Resources to Science” (



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