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  • SpaceScanner published at Bioinformatics
    Egils Stalidzans

    Atis Elsts (currently at University of Bristol) Agris Pentjuss and Egils Stalidzans have created a wrapper software for the software COPASI ( for automatic execution of optimal adjustable parameter combination search in metabolic engineering tasks. The software is published in the journal Bioinformatics (Oxford), IF=7,3.

  • COST action OpenMultiMed works in groups in Malta

    13-th and 14-th September items of multiscale modeling (multiscale modeling, multiscale data science and multiscale computing) were discussed in relation with systems medicine in the sunny Malta. Specialists from participating countries were presenting their work and collaborative activities were discussed to facilitate the development of the field.

    The Valetta Campus of University of Malta as avenue surprised by its ancient look and stimulated fantasies about the history of university in Malta.

  • FEMS Council meeting in Lisbon
    Alexander Rapoport with FEMS President Prof. Bauke Oudega (on the right).
    Aleksandrs Rapoports

    Prof. Alexander Rapoport participated in the annual FEMS (Federation of European Microbiological Societies) Council meeting in Lisbon (Portugal). This meeting was devoted to the issues linked with further development of microbiology research and education in Europe. There were also elections for 3 new positions of FEMS Directors on education, international affairs and publications.

  • IMB UL researchers visit conference on Yeast genetics and molecular biology in Prague
    From left: Janis Liepins, Zane Ozolina, Jekaterina Martynova, Agnese Kokina

    The 28th International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology (ICYGMB 2017) was held at Prague, Czech Republic, from August 27th to September 1st, 2017.

    Janis Liepins, Agnese Kokina, Zane Ozoliņa and Jekaterina Martynova presented two posters: “Guanine plays critical role in the development of stress resistance phenotype in adenine auxotrophic strains during purine starvation in budding yeast” and “How purine starvation is communicated inside the baker’s yeast cell”.

  • 18-th International Conference on Systems Biology at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, USA

    The amount of participants at the world’s biggest conference on systems biology seemingly heavily depends on the reachability by airplane and local accommodation options. This year the conference was relatively small but organisers did a good job and the event was a great opportunity to see friends and exchange opinions. Agris Pentjuss and Egils Stalidzans met COPASI developers’ team, users of COBRAPy and other peers.

  • COPASI tutorial in Blacksburg
    Tutorial for advanced users

    Our good collaborators from COPASI team Ursula Kummer, Pedro Mendes, Juergen Pahle and Sven Sahle gave a tutorial on the new features of COPASI right before the ICSB conference in Blacksburg, USA. Egils Stalidzans participated in the section for advanced users learning about application of COPASI for identifiability analysis of parameters in parameter estimation tasks as well as about time scale separation analysis methods.

  • Ali Mulakhudair from Sheffield visits Kalnenieks group
    From left: Reinis Rutkis, Elina Balodite, Ali Mulakhudair, Uldis Kalnenieks

    In August 2017, within the scope of our collaborative project ERA-IB-15-109 ‘Z-Fuels’ (A novel bacterial system with integrated micro-bubble distillation for the production of acetaldehyde), a colleague from the University of Sheffield, Ali Mulakhudair, visited our Laboratory of Microbial bioenergetics for a short practical training course in cultivation and cloning methods for bacterium Zymomonas mobilis.