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Programme catalogue

Diplomacy - master's programme

Study domain
Sociology, Political Science and Anthropology
Faculty of Social Sciences
Degree awarded
Master of Social Sciences in Diplomacy
Access to further studies
Access to doctoral studies
Accreditation period
18.12.2013 - 11.06.2019
Programme director
Toms Rostoks
Programme workload in credit points
80 CP or 120 ECTS
Study mode and length
4 semesters
Tuition fee for students enrolled in 0
2000 EUR per year
Study places open for enrolment
In Autumn 2017 semester
State-funded study places - 0
In Autumn 2017 semester
Tuition fee study places - 20
Minimum number of students - 10
Next enrolment
In semester
Language of instruction
Programme abstract
The study programme „Diplomacy” is an academic MA study programme. The aim of this study programme is to train highly qualified and professional specialists, offering them the knowledge that they need in terms of diplomacy and international relations so that they can work for the Latvian Foreign Ministry (including embassies and consulates abroad), as well as other institutions of national governance, international organizations, and those areas in the private sector which require diplomatic skills and in-depth knowledge about international relations, international organisations and cross-border communication. The core of this study programme is built from courses specialising in diplomacy, international relations and foreign policy.
Requirements for enrolment
Prior education:
Bachelor's degree or second level professional higher education, or comparable higher education


Competition evaluation calculation formula: entrance examination (1 x 1000 = 1000); a Bachelor's degree or a second level professional education in Political Science can apply for competition with the following evaluation calculation formula: weighted average grade (60 x 10 = 600) + finals total (or average) grade (40 x 10 = 400)

Additional requirement: CV


Course title Examination type CP
Compulsory courses
Mandatory part
PolZ5060 Multilateral Diplomacy and International Organizations Exam 4
PolZ5070 Stages in Development of Diplomacy Exam 4
PolZ5022 European Integration:theory and practice Exam 4
PolZ5073 Latvia in World Politics Exam 4
PolZ5056 Foreign policy decision making Exam 4
PolZ5066 Public Diplomacy Exam 2
PolZ5049 Research design Exam 4
PolZ5063 Cross-cultural communication in diplomacy Exam 2
PolZ5055 Contemporary issues in international relations Exam 4
PolZ5019 International Relations Theory Seminar Exam 4
Final examination
PolZ6000 MA thesis Master`s Thesis 20
Restricted elective courses
PolZ5031 USA and Europe: Comparative Politics, Institutions and Society Exam 4
PolZ5123 American Foreign Policy: Past, Present, Future Exam 4
PolZ5067 Diplomacy and Media Exam 2
PolZ6072 European Common Foreign and Security Policy Exam 2
Ekon5000 Economic Diplomacy Exam 4
PolZ5069 Energy Politics and International Relations Exam 2
PolZ5065 Global justice Exam 4
PolZ5099 Global justice [3 ECT] Exam 2
PolZ5030 Russia’s policy in the CIS and Baltic States Exam 2
PolZ5104 Russian Policy towards the CIS and the Baltic States Exam 4
PolZ5057 Crisis management in International Politics Exam 2
PolZ5124 Small States and Crisis Management Exam 4
PolZ5076 Contemporary Latvian Politics Exam 4
PolZ5059 Contemporary Issues in Diplomacy Exam 2
PolZ5105 National security - challenges and solutions Exam 2
PolZ6004 Basies of Political Theory Exam 2
PolZ6169 Policy process in Latvia Exam 4
PolZ5058 Political Negotiations Strategy and Tactics Exam 2
PolZ5000 Protocol and Etiquet in the Era of Diplomatic Transformation Exam 2
JurZ5130 International Protection of Human Rights Exam 2
PolZ5126 International relations and media Exam 2
JurZ5131 International Law for Diplomatist Exam 4

Additional information

Scientific discipline
EQF level
Programme costs
Yearly programme costs per student correspond to the tuition fee given above.