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A Night by the Doors of the University
UL Press Centre

Kristaps Resnais was the first entrant to submit his documents at the university this year. Indeed, in order to ‘capture’ a place in the philosophy studies programme, he waited by the doors of the university from late the previous evening.

Together with another four friends and supporters, Kristaps arrived at the doors of the university on Sunday evening at 11 O’clock. Why? To be the first to submit his application and to present his secondary school certificates.

The night was eventful. Having left their things by the doors of the university under the supervision of one of their friends, the boys went to visit a friend in Old Riga who worked in a 24-hour computer internet café opposite a copy centre, where, treated to coffee, they observed the night’s distinctive personages.

“I only submitted my documents at the University of Latvia - of course, without question!” said Kristaps with conviction. “I’m of the firm opinion that if we want to study the humanities, then we go to the University of Latvia; if we want to study the technical sciences, then we go Riga’s Technical University. I don’t have any idea about the other educational institutions – I didn’t even consider those options.”

Kristaps follows the events taking place in education in the country, supporting friends who are students and taking part in protests.

“On finishing school, I received thanks for the excellence I showed in my studies, but at the same time I was rebuked for 196 incidences of truancy,” added Kristaps.

It is to be hoped that a very active, keen and unusual student will soon be sitting in the auditoriums of the university.