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The 9th International Symposium “Systems with Fast Ionic Transport” begins on June 1
UL Press Centre

Symposium will take place at the Main Building of the University of Latvia, June 1-5, 2010.

The present Symposium will provide a forum for scientists working in the fields of synthesis, structure, properties of solid electrolytes, methods for investigation of the systems with fast ionic transport, nano-structural and composite materials with ionic conductivity, peculiarities of fast ionic transport in solids and ionic liquids, electrochemical processes in solid interfaces and applications of solid electrolyte materials. The ISSFIT have been held every three years.

This Symposium is the 9th in a series of Symposiums, which presents and discusses on recent advances in solid electrolyte materials. Previous conferences were held: Bratislava (1985), Smolenice (1988), Holzhau (1991), Warsaw (1994, 1998), Cracow (2001), Bled (2004), Vilnius (2007). The aim of this symposium is to provide a forum for specialists to present their new findings and review the recent advances in theory, measurement techniques, synthesis, characterization and applications of solid electrolyte materials.

The symposium includes invited, oral and poster presentations. The official language of Symposium is English.

Topics of the 9-th ISSFIT

  • Theoretical aspects of fast ionic and charge transport in the bulk and at surfaces/ interfaces
  • Experimental methods for systems with fast ionic transport
  • Crystalline solid electrolyte materials (synthesis, structure, properties)
  • Mixed ionic-electronic conductors
  • Polymer conductors and glasses
  • Ionic liquids/liquid salts
  • Nanostructured  materials
  • Applications including electrochromic devices, batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen energy systems etc.

For further details, please visit the conference website