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Streaming online – the Lesser Spotted Eagle is brooding two eggs
UL Press Centre

Two eggs have already been laid in the Lesser Spotted Eagle’s nest in Mētriena surroundings. It is possible to observe the nest via the video at the University of Latvia (UL) portal section:

This year, JSC “Latvijas valsts mezi” (Latvia's State Forests) in cooperation with the UL Faculty of Biology, the environment management association „Medņuriests”, Uniparks Ltd. and the German Wildlife Foundation continue observing the nest of the especially endangered species – the Lesser Spotted Eagle –  via web camera.

The camera records all activity in the nest, and the information is stored on the server of „Medņuriests”. At the moment, the female eagle is brooding two eggs, and the male brings food to the nest and sometimes replaces his mate. The eagles are the easiest to tell apart by their feathers – the female eagle is darker than the male. If the baby eagles hatch, the videos will provide valuable information on their food during nesting.

In 2011, the camera was installed at the same nest in Mētriena surroundings, and the viewers were able to follow the development of dramatic events. Both eggs of this eagle couple turned out to be damaged, and the babies did not hatch. To continue the successfully started research on these eagles’ food, the damaged eggs were replaced with an almost hatched one, and the male eagle helped the baby to hatch completely. However, the female eagle did not return to the nest, and the baby had to be removed from the nest and put under researchers’ care. At the end of the summer, this baby travelled to Germany together with other eagle babies to help rebuild the Lesser Spotted Eagle population there. After the unsuccessful brooding in the Mētriena surroundings, streaming online was switched to the activity in another nest with an already hatched baby. Unfortunately, the baby died quite soon. The ill luck notwithstanding, valuable information was obtained on the food sources of the Lesser Spotted Eagle in the spring time in two different nests.

The information is now analyzed by the students of the UL Faculty of Biology, and a Master Thesis „Characterization of the Lesser Spotted Eagle’s Food Brought to the Nest during Nesting” is anticipated.

Translated by students of the professional study programme Translator of the University of Latvia.